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Jenny grew up in Southern California under strong women who empowered her through education. Her grandmother was a teacher for over 30 years and became a principal at a public school. Her mom had taught in Korea and founded her own organization in the United States and thus inspired Jenny to continue education by forging her own path. After graduating from UCLA, Jenny was accepted to Teach For America and was placed in Baltimore City teaching at Hampstead Hill Academy. Living in Baltimore for 4 years and teaching in an inner-city school further inspired her to impact her community through education as she learned how education can truly make a difference in a person’s life. After receiving her Masters from Johns Hopkins and her certification in administration, Jenny now strives to create new educational programs and opportunities for her community in Southern California and beyond as the President of the Admission Masters.



Richard is a senior consultant at Admission Masters and helps a wide array of students, but primarily works with high school juniors and seniors. He was raised in Southern California and earned his Bachelor’s in Political Science with a minor in Education from UCLA and his Masters in Higher Education from UPenn. He has been a part of Admission Masters for over five years and earned his College Consulting certification at UCLA. With his experience as the director of the UPenn Law School and his admissions experience with Yale, Richard brings an incredibly logical perspective to the podcast with a college admissions point of view.



Born and raised in Southern California, Jay embraces his passion for teaching a love for learning as the director for Admission Masters. He specializes in helping students find their passion, and advises on both college application aspects and big picture planning. A CM-certified, world-touring cellist, an avid proponent of engineering and technology as well as nature, and an advocate for science literacy, Jay personally connects with students of highly competitive environments, because of his own personal experiences of being confronted with rigorous academic expectations. Ultimately, his experiences enable him to provide relatable and constructive advice to students in a manner that encourages them to find the value and purpose in the challenges each student uniquely faces.



Travis is a writing specialist at Admission Masters and the director of Media Club. A graduate of the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism, Travis has been writing for newspapers, magazines and various other outlets for more than a decade, and his writing has been featured in The Washington Post, Yahoo! Sports, and the Orange County Register, among others. An author of two books, with a background that stretches from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast and the West Coast, Travis brings a unique perspective to the Hall Pass Podcast.



Pankaj, father of 3 young kids, was born and raised in Southern California. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland, Pankaj has been a health care consultant for a large integrated health system for more than a decade. Along with his passion for health care technology, he has worked with countless students and parents through Admission Masters for almost two decades. With a background that takes him from adolescence to young adult to middle aged parent, Pankaj brings an educational perspective that spans the gamut of higher education. From teaching in Japan to college admissions interviews to learning at Oxford to parenting his 2 girls and a boy on the nuanced aspects of being a tremendous student, the Hall Pass Podcast is a place where he can illustrate his seasoned perspective.

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