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Season 1, Episode 6: College Interviews

College interviews are usually done by alumni of the school, college interviews are a way for admissions to not only get to know you but to give you an opportunity to get to know them (the school you are applying to).

There are 2 types of interviews: Pre-Application Interviews and Post-Application Interviews. Pre-Application Interviews happen BEFORE you submit your application and are usually opportunities to show colleges that you are interested in their school and to learn more about them. Post-Application Interviews happen AFTER you submit your application and are usually opportunities for colleges to add information in regards to your personality and characteristics to your application. Most colleges ask interviewers to fill out an evaluation form after the interview to add to the application.

Join us to learn about the following points on interviews:

  • Why do Interviews matter?

  • Do I have to do interviews?

  • I get sweaty palms/I get nervous/etc when I speak, what can I do?

  • What kinds of questions do they ask in interviews?

  • How should I prepare?

  • Which schools do interviews and how do I sign up?


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