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Season 1, Episode 9: The UC Application

The UC Application was created for California residents specifically, to help close the achievement gap specifically for lower income applicants. Here are some basic information about the UC Application:

Requirements: All UC campuses have the same minimum requirements for freshmen to ensure that all students are prepared to be academically successful at the University.

Selection: Selection is a process at each campus which is necessary when more applicants apply to a campus than a campus can admit and enroll. Each UC campus evaluates applicants beyond just their GPA and test scores in order to select the applicants who are best suited to their campus.

Applicant Pool: Who else is in the applicant pool? Applicants must remember that they are not just applying with students from their school and community, but also with students from all parts of California, the U.S. and from other countries, whose backgrounds may be similar or different from their own.

UC receives applications from students with a variety of attributes: those living in small rural areas, students from families with low and high incomes and communities that have high and low college-going rates, out-of-state students, etc. Even if students think their background or situation is typical (or not unusual) it is important to explain (not complain) why, so UC admission staff understand the applicant better. The admission staff need more than just a school name or city to get a better sense of the applicant.

All UC campuses are independent of one another: They make their own decisions

Join us this week as we delve into the UC Application and cover the following topics:

  • Components of the UC App

  • Scholarships and family income

  • Campuses and Majors

  • Academic History: A-G Requirements

  • Activities/Awards

  • Courses other than A-G

  • Educational Prep Programs

  • Test Scores

  • Personal Insight Questions

  • UC App Tips

  • …and MORE!


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