Season 2, Episode 4: College Tours

May 24, 2017

Why are college tours important? Colleges are becoming more interested in Informed Interest and Demonstrated Interest.

  • Informed Interest: How well a student knows a college and how he or she plans to contribute to the campus environment. 

    • Show informed interest through compelling supplemental essays and interviews. Review your research over the summer that went into building your college list and get a head start on your essays.

  • Demonstrated Interest: A college’s gauge of how likely a student is to attend based on visits, interviews, essays, etc.

    • Filling out an information card at a college fair, making an official campus visit through the admissions office, applying Early Action, and more are playing a bigger role in determining how likely you are to attend their school.


In this episode, we cover the following questions:

  1. When should I go on college tours?

  2. What should I do when I go on a college tour? 

  3. What should I do before I go on a college tour? 

  4. What should I do after? 

  5. How do I prep for college tours?

  6. …and MORE












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