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Season 2, Episode 5: Athletic Recruitment

In this episode, our counselors delve into athletic recruitment and what students should do to prepare. The key players for athletic recruitment are: the student athlete, parents, counselors and coaches.

A few general things that student athletes should do first before considering athletic recruitment are:

  • Find your academic fit: Talk to counselor/college counselor (always first priority)

  • Check athletic fit: Meet with your coach (high school, club, etc.)

  • Check out the rest: Size, location, student body, major or academic interests

Click below to listen to our episode where we cover:

  • How does the recruitment process work?

  • What are the kinds of sports colleges seek?

  • How are they divided?

  • Differences between DI, DII, DIII programs.

  • How athletic recruitment works alongside college admissions?

  • What do I have to prepare, and when?

  • Drawbacks to Selective Division 1 Programs.

  • …AND MORE!!!


Podomatic: CLICK HERE

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