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Season 3, Episode 7: Top Questions From Students & Parents

For our final episode of this season, we’ve combined questions from the past month that we’ve received from our listeners, in addition to common questions we get during our community seminars and workshops.

We will be covering questions such as:

  • Academic Questions:

  • How do I motivate my unmotivated child?

  • Are AP’s more important than SAT IIs?

  • Is the highest GPA a student can get a 5.0? Is that only possible if every course is an honors/AP (is there an honors P.E.)? Is GPA similar to SAT scores as well where schools don’t place much difference between a 1520 and 1600? So is a 4.3 similar to a 4.5 or is the gap greater with GPA?

  • 10th Grader: What do I do if I got a few C’s this semester?

  • When should I start studying for the SAT I/ACT?

  • I plan to take SAT test in August. Do you think taking the essay portion is necessary?

  • Extracurricular Activities Questions:

  • Is orchestra still good to pursue? (Violin/Piano)

  • What should my 8th grader be doing this summer?

  • Should I quit Varsity swim team for journalism? Which one do colleges like better? A sport or humanities?

  • Do I have to do AMC? I’m not that great at math but I want to major in computer science.

  • Miscellaneous Questions:

  • What are you looking forward to for the next season/application cycle?

  • How early should I start college admissions services like Admission Masters?

  • Aren’t all students pretty much the same if they go to the same school? Same classes, similar extracurriculars, etc.

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