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Season 4, Episode 5: Making the College Decision and Waitlisted Next Steps

As many of you may or may not know, college admissions decisions came out throughout the month of March, and many of our seniors are making their decisions on which college they should attend -- where they should go for the next four years.

Some students may have also been waitlisted to their top choice schools, so in this episode, we talk about: 1) What to consider and what NOT to consider when making your college decision and 2) What to do if you are waitlisted.

A few topics we cover in this episode are:

  • Statement of Intent to Register: 5/1

  • Admit Weekend or Admit Day, Admission Day, Bruin Day (UCLA), Quaker Day (UPenn), Newly Admitted Students Day (Harvard)

  • What to consider when choosing your college

  • What NOT to consider when choosing your college

  • Waitlist next steps: intent to stay on waitlist, Continued Interest Letter, etc.

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