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Season 4, Episode 8: There’s More to College than Getting into College (David Coleman)

In this episode, we do something special and review an article written by the CEO of the College Board, David Coleman. He writes in The Atlantic his piece titled, “There’s More to College than Getting into College,” which argues for us to reassess the key factors that not just make a great college-bound student, but also enables students to succeed through college and beyond. Given the rising interest and growing intensity of how parents and students approach the college admissions process, we thought it would be an excellent feature on this episode to discuss what the head of college standardized testing had to say about where we are headed and what advice he offers to do college the right way.

Three topics we discuss based on David Coleman's article:

  1. Finding Great Teachers

  2. Picking an Activity (or maybe two)

  3. Learning to love ideas, even when it hurts.

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